My Values as a Funeral Celebrant

“I believe that every life deserves to be honored in a wonderful and memorable way. As a Funeral Celebrant, I am a tribute specialist who works with you to put together a personalized eulogy that gives voice to your thoughts and memories. I intricately weave together all those details and share the story of your loved one’s life. The eulogy of your loved one can be as religious or non-religious as favored by you and your family. Past experiences have shown that a well-done personalized tribute, that honors life, is the most important first step towards healing in the journey of grief.” 

Past Ceremonies Celebrated

Jerry Michael Dumond    ❧    James Arthur Gruber Jr.

Henry “Hank” Korejko    ❧    Kathleen Beckworth

Ruth E. Gibson Reppond    ❧    E. Joan Litton

Mary Ann Bright    ❧     Lorene Horsey Morgan

James Douglas Parrish   ❧    Joan Hancock McBurnett

Barbara Anne Chafton   ❧    Jimmy Frank Smith 

 Dennis D. Holzhauser   ❧    Barbara Ann Leavendusky

Joseph W. “Buddy” Venable Jr.  ❧    Marcus E. “Gene” Mackey

Glenda W. Clay   ❧     L.D. Finister

E. “Frank” Bunch   ❧    Mel A. Stogner Sr.

Rodney E. Williamson   ❧    Robert Warren Jr.

Sterling T. Williams Jr.   ❧    Don M. Price

Leroy Pimentel   ❧    Judith A. (Orly) Garland

Marjorie M. Owens   ❧    Steven Poteet

Susan Ethel Finister   ❧    Darla Hines       

Larry G. Ingram   ❧   Brin Nirenberg Jr.

Judith Venable   ❧    JoAnn H. Pimentel

Rose Goad   ❧   Hiram William Davidson Sr.

Emarene Patterson   ❧   Roseanne (Kim) Jones